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Sylvania's Current Weather

To learn more about the weather in the Sylvania Wilderness, click on the graphic for Watersmeet, MI, the closest town.

Click for Watersmeet, Michigan Forecast

Click on 'forecast' to obtain detailed current conditions and 5-day forecasts, as well as seasonal averages, warnings, maps, and more.


from your house to the Sylvania Entrance Station

The Entrance Station address is:
21100 Thousand Island Road, MI 49969

However, Google Maps will get you to a location 0.8 miles to the east of the entrance if you use the above address (the error has been reported to Google). Instead, use the following address as your destination:

20860 Thousand Island Lake Road, MI 49969

To get Google Maps directions:
Click on the button below. The Entrance Station address will appear in box “B”; enter your address in box “A.”

Once in the map, you can zoom in and out by clicking on the “+” and “–” buttons and you can move the map by dragging the hand. To get back to this page, click the “left arrow” button.

To get Google Maps directions, click here


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