• Field Notebooks (2) (given to interns)
  • E. Czarapata: “Invasive Plants of the Upper Midwest” (1) (given to interns)
  • Green folder containing information regarding rare plants (list, descriptions, maps) (1) (given to interns)
  • Topo maps: Black Oak Lake & Land O’ Lakes Quadrangles (2 sets) (FS storage)
  • First-aid kits (1) (given to interns) [another kit stored by Wally [Wally’s FS box] – to be used for larger volunteer groups]
  • Plastic bags [Husky Contractor Clean-Up] (1 box)  (FS storage) (another 0.5 box stored by Wally [Wally’s FS box])
  • Roll of orange marking tape (1) (FS storage) (Wally has another [Wally’s FS box])
  • Electric converter [RV outlet to regular three-prong outlet] (1) (given to interns)
  • Safety glasses (6 pairs) (FS storage)
  • Boot cleaner (6) (given to interns)
  • Welder’s gloves (11 pairs) (FS storage)
  • Gloves with rubber palm + finger tips (6 pairs) (FS storage)
  • Lithium AA batteries for GPS (2 packs) (given to interns) (Wally has more [Wally’s FS box)
  • Safety vests – lime green (6) (Wally’s FS storage)


  • Key to day-use-building (1) (given to interns)
  • Garmin GPSmap 62s – loaded with topo maps and invasive locations + instructions (2) (given to interns)
  • GMRS Radios [NOAA weather] (6) with charger (FS storage)
  • Parsnip predators (4)  (FS storage) (Wally has another [Wally’s FS box], David S. has another, both with covers)
  • Long-handle loppers (3) (FS storage)
  • Dandelion Weeders (17) (FS storage) Wally has another (Wally’s FS box)
  • Small serrated hand diggers (8) (FS storage)  Wally has another (Wally’s FS box)
  • Hand clippers (5)  (FS storage) Wally has another (Wally’s FS box)
  • Folding hand saws (2) (FS storage)
  • Pails (7) (FS storage) (Wally has another [Wally’s FS storage])
  • 30-gal. buckets (3) (FS storage)
  • Road Signs (2) (FS storage)

updated June 16, 2015

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