What to do next:

Friday, June 7:
10 students and 2 instructors from the University of Dubuque, Iowa, will devote the day to service learning.  Since there is a limit of 10 to group size in the wilderness, we need to split up.  There are several large patches of Canada thistle located at the southeastern end of Clark Lake.  So the class will split into two groups working on separate patches but still near enough so that they can communicate.

June 14-18:
Dan W. will lead a Sierra Club Service outing to Sylvania.  The plan is to have an orientation meeting and social in the evening of Friday, June 14, at the Day-use building.  The group will then travel to camp sites on Whitefish Lake and work on thistle around that lake.  The group will be joined by this year’s Friends of Sylvania invasives team (Dave, Haily, and Sam).

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