June 17-22, 2016

6.17: We started this day with Dan driving his van into a ditch.  We finally all gathered at 11:30 at the Day-use building.  After introductions, we began the workshop consisting of:  GPS and data entry training, water and swim safety, canoe instructions.  We then stopped for pizza and some wonderful salads. We ended with day with an introduction to Invasives.

6/18: On our first work day in Sylvania we attact invasives on Whitefish Lake.  We split into two groups: one paddled northward along the western shore, the other group paddled southward along the western shore in partially into the Whitefish outlet.

6/19: We again split into two groups, continuing alon g the Whitefish Lake shore where we had left of the previous day.  It was, however, a very windy day which slowed our progress.  In particular, the group paddling along the northern shore decided to end early because of concerns as to how long it would take to paddle back. They made it safely back to the boatlanding where they checked a bad bull thistle patch.

6/20: This time we split into three groups: One group continued working on Whitefish Lake while the other two groups worked in the Whitefish Lake outflow area (also known as the Dismal Swamp). One of those two groups worked its way north and west of the stream while the other worked south and east of the stream.  Both teams ended up about halfwau  through the swamp.

6/21:  We again split into three groups: 2 groups went back to Whitefish Lake to finish that shoreline.  The third group (Wally and Carol) spent the day checking known invasive locations at the drive-in campsite and also started putting labels on the plants in the native plant garden outside of the day-use building.

6/22:  We again split into three groups: one group did a check around the drive-in campsite, another worked the road between the Entrance Station and the day-use building, referred to FR 6360. The third group worked along CR 535.  Wally did some errands for FoS: checking the PO box and completing and submitting various required forms.  She also paddled to Squirrel #1 on Crooked Lake where she pulled 36 garlic mustard plants.

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